Learn how to stay focused on studies

By Heulwen Jefferson 0 Comment May 23, 2019

With the distractions and obligations imposed by modern life, maintaining a focus on studies is a challenge both for those who need to keep themselves under constant vigilance, with the objective of not procrastinating on commitments and facing tight deadlines and ungrateful missions, such as study the entire content of a test missing a few […]

Distance or full-time course: which is better?

By Heulwen Jefferson 0 Comment May 22, 2019

If traditional education is still seen by many as the first choice when choosing a professional qualification or learning a language, it is also true that enrolling in a distance learning course is becoming more and more important not only as an alternative to face-to-face , but as a first choice in the choice between […]

How to become a Master?

By Heulwen Jefferson 0 Comment May 21, 2019

Only those who have already entered the academic career know that each step of how to enter the masters degree is a challenge. And the masters test is one of them, after all, it is the first big step in that direction, besides being known as one of the most difficult. Maybe you were scared […]